Glendale Motors has been a part of Ancaster since 1950 when Con Derault moved his repair shop from the corner of Cannon and Glendale in Hamilton into Ancaster in 1950.  Our first home in Ancaster was across the road at the Ancaster Garage site.  Later in the 1950s Con purchased 407 Wilson St and built his larger White Rose service station.

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The Kloet family, meanwhile, moved to Hamilton in the early 1970s when Adrian Kloet started Adrian’s Esso at King and Province.  After running a couple garages in the lower city he purchased Glendale Motors in sleepy Ancaster in 1981.  He claims his research about the viability of Glendale Motors didn’t involve much more than driving up and down Wilson Street to discover what Ancaster was like!

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glendale motors about pic 3As Ancaster has grown from a quiet rural village to a bustling town, Glendale Motors has constantly reinvented itself to respond to the ever more demanding automotive needs of today. Glendale Motors is made of 3 primary service areas: NAPA AUTOPRO complete auto service, Tirecraft tire and lube service, and car washing.  We also provide BBQ propane and quality reverse osmosis water in our Water Shed. We are committed to providing quality in every sphere of our business. If you can’t say “Wow that was great service!” then we haven’t succeeded.

glendale motors about pic 4As a local, family-owned business we are big supporters of local community groups and charities. We’re long time supporters of the Ancaster Mill Race, Theatre Ancaster, Hamilton Region Conservation Authority, Ancaster Community Services,  Ancaster Rotary among others. Being part of a community means giving back. We don’t just work in Ancaster, most of our staff makes Ancaster our home!