Car Wash Services

Wash Cards

Save money every time you wash by purchasing a reloadable discount Wash Card. In addition to being accepted in all of our washes, our discount Wash Cards can be used at our outdoor vacuums and Water Shed bulk water station as well.

Regular Deal Every December
For $50, you get: $60 $65
For $100, you get: $125 $140

With such a great deal available in December, you can see why Wash Cards are very popular stocking stuffers!

Have a fleet?  With our new Wash Card system you can keep track of an unlimited number of cards under one account, see the wash history, transfer balances between cards, reload or cancel cards.  Speak to one of our Service Advisors for more details.

Click here to access your Wash Card to reload, view history, view balance or edit your account.

Wash Cards with magnetic strips no longer work and have to be replaced with the new Wash Cards.  Please come in and we’ll transfer your balance to the updated Wash Card.


Try the area’s best do-it-yourself car wash. Safe, well-lit self-serve wash bays are maintained daily for you to provide your own personal touch to your car’s appearance. On-site vacuums, cleaning product vending machines are available.

Our Self-Serve wash is $3 for 4 minutes of wash time. We accept debit cards, credit cards, cash or Wash Cards.

Touchless Wash

Maintain your vehicle’s great appearance with our on-site car wash. Glendale Motors has a modern automatic touchless car wash, employing the latest in car wash technology. No brushes means no damage to your finish. High-velocity washing, wastewater treatment and eco-friendly detergents make our automatic car wash a great way to keep the shine on your car, seven days a week. Our automated teller offers several quality wash options for your convenience.

Our touchless wash is $10, $12, or $14 depending on the wash selection. Credit cards accepted seven days a week.

Want to see what the current car wash lineup looks like? Take a look at our Car Wash Cam!