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Glendale Motors, the Best in Ancaster Auto Repair

Glendale Autopro and Tirecraft in Ancaster, Ontario is committed to delivering automobile service and maintenance in order to maintain the most dependable transportation possible. Glendale Autopro and Tirecraft offers honest and fair quality automobile service for your vehicles’ repair and maintenance needs. Conveniently located in the heart of Ancaster, Glendale Autopro and Tirecraft offers plenty of parking, and knowledgeable and friendly customer service staff to keep your vehicles safe, reliable and cost-effective.

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Our Customer Reviews

best place for your car they are awsome

Telly Stogios Aug 8, 2022

The staff are truly amazing and knowledgeable, the work done was exemplary. Highly recommended!

Yousef Al Imam Jul 7, 2024

Great mechanics for a reasonable price!

Arlan Kuepfer Jun 6, 2024

Excellent service over many years.

Graham Thomson Apr 4, 2023

I was driving my kid to orthodontist and noted my tire was flat with PSI 11! Mike said I could bring it by and he’d take a look this morning as we are getting ready for a trip and this is a terrible time for a flat tire. I walked up the road after dropping off the car, picked up my daughter and was back and had an alert that my car was ready. I figured that they must’ve thrown on the spare or that the tire was not fixable. But when I came back, they had already plugged it and it was fixed and ready to go. From the time I called to the time it was repaired was 30 minutes! And price was fair. Thank you so much Glendale!

Harkamal Randhawa Jun 6, 2024

Just amazing service! Thanks to the crew at Glendale motors, I would highly recommend them.

Carol Campbell Jun 6, 2024

Excellent as always

Barry Finlay Feb 2, 2023

Andy is great.

Jack Bondy Jun 6, 2024

Excellent and efficient service!

Renee Johnston Jun 6, 2024

Had check up and tires changed. Excellent communication.

Ginny Jones Nov 11, 2023

Great service and the fact that they accommodate my need for transportation when my car was in the shop was really great as well

David Chamberlain May 5, 2024

Edit: The owner raises a valid point. Consider this a 6-STAR REVIEW

Andrew Ackers May 5, 2024

had such a good experience! they were very thorough, prices were reasonable, and gave me a free carwash 😊

Ryanne Diaz May 5, 2024

Andy and the team at Glendale have performed many services on multiple vehicles over the years that I have owned, be it Jaguar, Caddy or Dodge Ram and not one issue with any service performed over the years. This is the place to service your vehicle.

Mark Wirzman May 5, 2024

You can trust every technician to do their job well. Also, the advisors treat you with an honest opinion.

Dave Brown May 5, 2024

It was an absolute pleasure servicing my vehicle at Napa Autopro. Natalie (front desk) and Brad (Technician) demonstrated exceptional professionalism, efficiently diagnosing and addressing my vehicle's issues with clear communication throughout the process. The work was completed promptly, with transparent and very reasonably pricing. A big thanks to them and the team.

J D Khouri May 5, 2024

Excellent and prompt service.

Ralph Brown Aug 8, 2019

I got my windshield replaced and a safety completed before selling my truck. The process was seamless and the communication was great. The prices were fair! Thank you.

Max Lindsay (Mortgage Broker) Mar 3, 2024

Boys at the tire/oil shop are always top notch. Definitely the place to take your vehicle

Leonard George Atfield Jr Feb 2, 2024

My experience was great. As usual, they are very friendly, proficient and timely with their work and their interactions with customers and associates was informational and accurate.

Shawn Craig Price Nov 11, 2015


J C Feb 2, 2024

Great staff. Responsive to my needs. Go above and beyond service needs. Will stay using their services.

Tony Davey Mar 3, 2023

Update 2024-01-25 Glendale to the rescue again. An intermittent drivability issue recently became chronic and untenable. They traced it to a crankshaft sensor. VW design had it buried deep in the engine bay, making it a fairly big project to dig out and replace, but they got it done properly and I am back happily on the road in just a few days. August 2023 Glendale has been diligent in hunting down a battery / alternator issue that has plagued my VW diesel for a while. Very happy with the outcome!

Dave Seto May 5, 2019

Very polite and courteous. Completing what they said they were going to do in the time they were going to do it

Nick Centritto Mar 3, 2022

Quick and efficient Thank you

Rana Samara Jan 1, 2024

Best spot around! High quality service and fair pricing.

Chris Girman Jan 1, 2024

Took our car in immediately and fixed the flat tire at Christmas time. Much appreciated!

Lindsey Atkinson Dec 12, 2023

Service is always 100% satisfactory. Quick, efficient and above all they do not do work if not required. Thank you Glendale!

Erwin Nykamp Mar 3, 2019

A great local automotive shop. Honest and fair. What really impresses is that they have repairs done on time as promised. Thank you

Geeve Sandhu May 5, 2023

Great place. Fair prices. Amazing mechanics. My car always comes back feeling better from the doctor 😎

Ilijana Matijevic Lim Jun 6, 2022

I brought my daughter in law’s car to troubleshoot some error codes that were showing. The problems were fixed. There is more maintenance coming up that is needed and I will return. I really liked dealing with Ben on customer service counter.

Syd Wilkinson Dec 12, 2023