The Best Audi Service in Ancaster!

Vorspring durch Technik, Audi’s long time slogan, loosely translated, means Advancement through Technology.

We’ve been committed to excellent VW/Audi service at Glendale Autopro and Tirecraft for decades.  At this time two of our staff drive Audis of their own. Every year we update both our specialized Audi scan tools and our training.  Our Audi customers know this — this is why we see on average more than 2 VW/Audi cars in for service every day of the year!

Glendale Autopro, home of our 5 licensed technicians, is your base for complete Audi service from brakes and suspension to regular maintenance and check engine light problems while Glendale Tirecraft and Express Lube provide synthetic oil changes meeting Audi’s specifications and tire service quickly and without an appointment. Many of our Audi customers come to us for all of their service as your Audi warranty will always be maintained through our quality service.

Put our service to the test by calling our shop or stopping in to schedule your service appointment today!