Propane Refill ServicesAdditional Services at Glendale Motors

Not only do we provide top notch service for Mechanical and Tires, but we also offer some additional services to customers in the Ancaster and surrounding area! Check out our Car Wash services and Roadside Assistance Programs too!

We also provide clients with:

Propane Refill Services

Looking to refill your propane tanks locally? Stop by Glendale Motors! We offer 20lb BBQ cylinder refills for $25 including tax! We also have 20lb refurbished cylinders available to purchase for $40 including tax.

Water Refill Services

Water Refill ServicesHere at Glendale Motors we have a high capacity reverse osmosis water purifier to generate spot free rinse water for our car wash! We also have bottle filling stations for customers to use as well. Our water is close to pure H2O, with almost untraceable amounts of chlorine, fluoride, salts and other contaminants found in most water sources.

Stop by and fill your 19 litre bottles for only $3.00!