Touring Tires in Oakville, ON

Glendale Motors is your one stop shop when it comes to automotive maintenance and tires. We offer a wide range of tires from winter tires to performance tires and anything in between such as touring tires.

Touring tires, also called grand touring tires are specifically designed to offer a quiet comfortable ride with reliable all season traction. All season grand touring tires offer responsive handling to help take on your next road trip.

touring tires

 What are Touring Tires?

Touring tires are popular options for drivers of passenger vehicles, such as sedans, minivans, SUV’s, etc. Best known for their reliability and comfort, they are a great all season tire option if you drive a lot. Touring tires are perfect for drivers who make frequent multiple trips and for those drivers who may be planning a cross country road trip.

Touring Tires provide:

  • Balanced handling
  • Quiet, comfortable ride
  • Long mileage
  • Great traction driving in wet and dry conditions

Touring tires are generally designed to provide smooth, quiet and comfortable ride for the driver and passengers. They offer an equal balance of performance and comfort. Due to this, a touring tire won’t necessarily target one specific area like an Ultra High Performance tire would with say dry cornering.

Touring tires are mostly designed for all-season usage, however they may not stand up to the harsh Canadian Winters we are used to in Oakville, ON. This type of touring all season tire is known for featuring a wider tread pattern, which helps the tire make more contact with the road. They also have balanced handling for the everyday driver and standard tread wear.

Are Touring Tires Good in Snow?

As mentioned above, most touring tires are made for all season usage, so they can typically handle light snow conditions. An all season tire will never perform as well as a designated winter tire when driving in cold, snow and/or ice conditions. If you plan on buying a tire to drive during winter conditions, we advise that you invest in a set of tires that will provide proper traction and safety.

At Glendale Motors we recommend giving the shop a call to review your driving style to help determine if touring tires make sense for your vehicle.

Touring Tires vs. Performance Tires

There is a many differences between touring tires and performance tires such as sportiness, responsiveness, longevity and comfort to name a few.  When considering buying a new set of tires, doing your research or speaking to one of our service advisors can help make the decision easy!

We know from the information above that Touring tires are created for a quiet and comfortable ride while offering long mileage life.  Performance tires are the opposite; they are created for dry roads where tight cornering and responsive handling is needed. They focus on providing enhanced performance for enthusiastic drivers but end up lacking in other categories such as tire lifespan and road noise to name a few.

So, how do you decide which tire type is right for you? Read the list below, and decide which factors are most important to you:

  1. Do you want performance responsiveness? Are you looking for that sporty handling capability of hard cornering and braking quickly? If the answer is yes, performance tires may be for you.
  2. Are you looking for all season versatility while driving? Are you looking for a set of tires that can get you through the different seasons of driving conditions? If the answer is yes, touring tires may be for you.
  3. Are you looking for some relief at the pumps? Is gas mileage important to you? If you are looking for maximum savings at the pump, touring tires may be for you.
  4. Do you have upgraded trim packages on your car? If you have purchased or lease a vehicle with sporty trim packages, you may be interested in having a set of performance tires to match. If so, performance tires may be for you.
  5. Are you looking for a comfortable ride while driving? Are you looking for a comfortable ride with less road noise, less impact for bumps or road conditions? If so, then touring tires may be for you.
  6. Do you want optimal, tight control of your vehicle? Are you looking for adaptive, tight control of your vehicle while driving? If so, then performance tires may be for you.
  7. Do you want a tire with a longer lifespan? Are you are looking for a tire that will last longer over the years? If the answer is yes, touring tires may be for you.

After reviewing the feature list above, if you answered yes to most of the touring tire questions above, all season grand touring tires may be the perfect fit for your vehicle and driving habits!  There is truly no “one size fits all” when it comes to tire types, as different tire features and benefits can be more important than others depending on the driver.

If you are still unsure if touring tires are the right choice for you, send us a message or give us a call/text at 647-990-1333. We would be happy to discuss some options with you and recommend the best set of tires to buy based off of your budget, local driving conditions and preferences.